These photos were taken on a recent trip to China - an incredible opportunity that I literally cannot explain why I got to have it, except to say that God did it!

Hi, I'm Zac.

I love nothing more than using my God-given talents to capture unique moments in people's lives.

Senior year. Marriage Proposals. Weddings. 

That's why I'm a photographer!

Besides that, I serve at Momentum Church producing videos and managing social media, and I produce Momentum's student movement, The Crew. I love getting up early, pubsubs, spending quality time with my family and friends, wakeboarding, teaching people about photography (when they ask - I don't want to be annoying!). I'm a student at PSC working on my general-AA (I plan to eventually get a degree in Business, Advertising, or Graphic Design).

My favorite color is earth tones or really anything desaturated (classic millennials, liking nonsense things).

Places I'd like to visit

- Juneau, Alaska

- Iceland

- San Francisco, California

- Portland, Oregon (again / for more than a day)

- Utah mountains

- Elevation Church

- New York, New York

- Los Angeles, California (and Motion City Church and Mosaic Church)