an overview

Highlights from the trip

Wesley and Rebekah actually eloped at Gorham’s Bluff back in March, so when they came here this September to celebrate with friends the vibe was very relaxed and inviting. It was nothing like a wedding I’ve had before - everyone was calm and the energy was just very excited and friendly and welcoming. From the getting ready process to family photos to portraits to the vow renewal/celebration and the reception it was just good. We loved our time with them!


We started the renewal day with an awesome morning hike to Pisgah Falls


Then we headed back to Gorham’s Bluff to get ready and hang out before the renewal


Since they were already married they got ready in the same room! There was no first look or grand reveal and it was actually super cool!


the bride and her mom


my favorite part of any wedding day - couple’s portraits


This shot was totally Madison’s idea


The vow renewal ceremony - it was actually more of a “blessing” ceremony, where multiple family members from either side came up and said blessings for them and their marriage, and recalled some favorite memories.


Sunset(ish) from the crow’s nest at Gorham’s Bluff. I think those mountains in the distance are the smokies but I honestly don’t know. Yay!


two things. 1.) if you want your reception to go from good to great, hire a (good) live band instead of a dj. 2.) this band, act of congress (link) is incredible. so good. so talented. vaguely christian and oh so kind.


Rebekah was not concerned about messing up her dress and I’m super cool with that.


Just a couple of lovebirds! They actually dated for 10 years before getting married. I met Wes and Rebekah a few years ago when Wes hosted a longboard race at Mt. Cheaha in Alabama. I either hadn’t started or had just started photography at that point and had no idea I would ever be photographing weddings. It was so crazy to be back with them in this context after staying aware of each other via social media for about 3-4 years. God’ll do it!