What i believe

Core Values


We’re a team

As your photographer, I believe that I can help make or break the day. I definitely want to help MAKE it. My goal is to ensure you have the least stressful day/trip possible and that every time you think “oh this would be a good photo for Zac to take” and you look to me to tell me I’m already getting the shot and you can refocus on more you relevant stuff.

my job is very important

Besides your marriage, what I do will be the only thing that lasts after your wedding. Probably even past when you and your spouse are long deceased. As such, I believe it’s so important for me to do what it takes to get the best shots possible and to do a perfect job documenting the story of your day.

led by jesus / love like jesus

Jesus changed my life and I want to love like He does! It’s not my job to judge you (or anyone) based off religion, who you love, or anything else. Even if we disagree on some things I think we should come together to make super good photographs!


i want to add value

Obviously I have a business to run but I will do what it takes to make sure you get what you need. If something crazy happens to the schedule during the day to cause delays or something else and (for instance) the exit is pushed back 30 minutes and you were really hoping that you’d have photos of it, I’ll stay to make sure it happens - no extra charge. Don’t abuse it but I’d rather be home a little later and know I’d done everything I could to make your day as flawless as possible!