O'Neill Wedding

So on Saturday, December 30 I had the distinct honor to photograph the wedding of 2 of my very best friends! Caleb and Kaitlin are some of my & my wife's favorite people in the whole world. Their love for each other feels very similar to our own - very intense and sacrificial - and it was so awesome to see them get married! I made a goal in my head for their wedding day to take the easy / obvious route as little as possible. Sometimes in the wedding grind it's easy to take the shot that'll pass for the sake of maintaining the schedule or minimizing difficulty, but I want to get out of that! 2017 has been a big year of growth for me and my photography and in 2018 I want the theme to be always going the extra mile! All this isn't to say that I've not been trying my hardest, but just that I want to try even harder all the time. This wedding was my 23rd and final of 2017! And these are (probably) my favorite wedding photos I've taken! Here's the photos let's go!

Beginning to Write a Blog


So I used to blog very regularly (I think in 2015) but I never really caught the Blogging Bug. If that is such a thing. But now as I'm looking to progress my photography, connect better with my clients, and grow as a visual storyteller, I intend on starting back with blogging about my sessions and my life! 


Here's what to expect

- spelling errors

- very real truths about life

- stories and photos from shoots

- tips / tricks


- occasional self-wallowing about lack of timely blogging

- and much, much more.


So let's go!