I’ve been doing photography since Junior year in high school and it quickly took over my life. Although, I often tell people that I never meant for this to be my career. It’s kinda crazy to me how it all happened but that’s what God does! I live in Pensacola, Florida with my beautiful wife Madison (who is also a photographer and is going to school for graphic design management) and our two puppies (a husky [Saint] and a black lab/? mix [Duck]). In our free time we play with our doggies, watch the office, I play Rocket League (great video game), and we watch tons of youtube videos. I could tell you a lot about makeup because Madison loves to put on makeup tutorials and it’s absorbed into me. My other passion is lighting design for live events / concerts and I hope to one day be doing lighting design and photography almost equally. If you want more of a picture of who I am besides my photography then check out my personal instagram account! (link)




Zac and Madison (photo by Lucy Steiner)

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